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River Rafting in Jasper National Park

Rafting in Jasper

If you have never jumped into a giant rubber raft with a bunch of family and friends (or total strangers) and rocked and rolled your way through the rush and roar of river rapids, the spray splashing your face, buckets of water drenching you everywhere, screaming until your throat is raw and no sound emerges at all, trying with vain strength to steer in any direction, as you hold on for dear, sweet life ... well, now’s your chance.

WhiteWater Rafting Jasper

The navigability of a river is divided into five different classes for river rafting. Class 1 is the mildest of rivers, in which raft occupants float from launch to shore. Class 2 involves some bumps and jolts, but is still safe for most family situations. Class 3 is starting to be pretty challenging. Class 4 you better know what you’re doing. Let’s not even talk about Class 5.

Maybe you’d like to begin with a relaxing float? Any one of the rafting outfitters in Jasper can start you off with the mildest of river rafting experiences.

The Athabasca River is the place to start. A mild river with a Class 2 rating, there are plenty of jumps and thrills to get the novice’s blood pounding. Still, a two-hour trip is safe for the whole family, and the river is easily navigable any time from May through September. The Sunwapta River offers even more thrills. In fact, these three or four-hour rafting adventures shouldn’t be attempted by first-timers unless they are very fit and weigh more than 90 pounds. The season is shorter, running June through August. You’re going to get thrown around here.

Maligne Rafting 2013 editweb

Jasper is fortunate to have so many top level companies that our visitors can choose from. Jasper Raft Tours offer scenic float trips down the Athabasca River where they do all the rowing. Jasper Rafting Adventures offers pure fun for the entire family and they offer a variety of rivers to choose from. Jasper's Whitewater Rafting have been providing rafting tours since 1971 in 8 person rafts. Maligne Rafting Adventures offers both float tours as well as class 3 trips on the mighty Fraser River. Rocky Mountain River Guides offers a broad spectrum of river rafting trips from family fun to thrill seeking adventures.

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