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Dogsledding in Jasper

Dogsledding in Jasper

Dogsled outfitters will help you experience that thrill of mushing through the frozen north. Parks Canada prohibits sled dogs within park boundaries, but the concierge of your hotel in Jasper will be happy to introduce you to an outfitter who can arrange guided sled trips.

Cold Fire Creek edit web

Originally, the Native peoples in the harshest northern climates used Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies for pulling loads in sleds and for herding. Today, Eskimo dogs and Samoyeds are also popular breeds for sledding. Sled dogs prefer to run in the snow on cold days because the snow protects their feet and the cold insures that they will not become overheated.

If you think you have what it takes to endure a dog team in bracing winter conditions, join the pack at Cold Fire Creek Dogsledding. Situated 120 kilometres west of Jasper, you will travel through one of Canada's pristine mountain valleys past an ever changing freezing river, snow covered timbers and frozen waterfalls. Two to three person sleds are pulled by 6-8 Alaskan Huskies and guests have the opportunity to drive their own team or simply ride and enjoy the scenery.

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