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A Taste of Jasper Recipes

A Taste of Jasper - Chef's Recipes

Well-kept secrets that our chefs are offering up for your cooking enjoyment. These recipes are from a number of the participating advertisers you will find within our dining section so you can even try these out beforehand at the restaurants themselves. The area is well known for its exquisite mix of local and international dining options.

Fiddle River New England Style Seafood Clam Chowder

Fiddle River Clam ChowderIngredients
250g yellow onions medium diced
150g carrots medium diced
75 g celery medium diced
250g potatoes medium diced
1/2 tbsp minced garlic
1/2 tbsp dry tarragon
1/2 tbsp dry dill
2 tbsp ground cumin
2 bay leaf
1 pinch chili flakes
40g butter
40g flour
1/2 cup milk
1 cup cream 35%
3 cup fish or chicken stock
75g each of salmon, halibut, snapper & prawns
100g mussels
25g clams
1/2 tsp of Worcestershire
1 tbsp lemon juice
fresh dill & chives  for garnish
salt and pepper

• In a large pot, melt the butter. Add onions, carrots and celery. On medium heat, next add garlic and all dry spices. Cook for 10min. stirring occasionally. Next add the flour to form a roux. When flour is mixed in well, add fish stock and milk, bring to a boil and then simmer for 20min. stirring occasionally.  
• Add the potatoes and cook until soft approx. 20min. Add the cream, fish and seafood. Cook for another 10min. simmering. Turn off the heat and add the Worchestershire, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Sprinkle with fresh dill and chives on top.

Jasper Curry Place Chicken Tikka

Jasper Curry House Chicken TikkaIngredients
1 kg chicken-skinned and cut into 8-10 pieces
1 tsp ginger paste
1 tsp garlic paste
Salt to taste
1 cup yogurt, placed in a colander to drain out excess water
2 cloves
1/2 tsp cinnamon, broken, roasted and powdered
1/2 tsp black cumin seeds-roasted and powdered
A large pinch of kesar  (safron)
2 Tbsp lemon juice
1/4 cup refined flour
1 egg - slightly beaten
1 large onion-sliced into rings
1 Tbsp chopped - mint leaves
1 lemon cut into wedges

•    Wash the chicken and wipe dry. Prick in 2-3 places.
•    Mix all the ingredients, except those for garnishing.
•    Marinate the chicken for 2-3 hours in the mixture.
•    Before serving, place the marinated chicken on a drip-tray and grill till light brown, or bake in a hot oven for 15-20 minutes.
•    It is best cooked in a tandoor. A drip-tray is essential, because the drippings need to escape. Chicken cooked in drippings becomes soggy.
•    Serve hot, garnished with onion rings, chopped mint leaves and lemon wedges

Raven Bistro Falafel Waffle

Raven Bistro Falafel WaffleIngredients
2 Cups All Purpose Flour
2 tsp Baking Powder
½ tsp Salt
4 Large Eggs, Separated
1 Tbsp Sugar
4 Tbsp Melted Butter
2 Cups Milk
1 Tbsp Tumeric
1 Box Falafel Mix
• Sift the flour, baking powder and salt together in a bowl. Beat the egg yolks with the sugar until they become pale yellow. Add the melted butter, tumeric and milk into the egg mixture and stir. Then add the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients and stir until combine. In a separate bowl beat the egg whites until soft peaks form. Gently fold the egg whites into the batter until just combine as well.
• Combine the falafel mix with the waffle batter and place in the fridge until ready for use.

Ginger Pickled Cabbage
½ Head Red Cabbage, finely sliced
1 Tbsp Salt
1 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Tbsp Ginger, minced
1 tsp Chili Powder
1 tsp Black Pepper
¼ Sugar
• Combine the red cabbage with the salt, massage and allow to sit for 30 minutes. fterwards rinse the cabbage and squeeze any excess moisture out. In a pot combine the following ingredients, bring to a boil and then pour over the cabbage. Cool in the fridge.

Harissa Tahini Yogurt Sauce
¼ Harissa
1 cup Greek Yogurt
1 Tbsp Tahini Paste
1 tsp Preserved Lemon Rind, finely minced
1 Tbsp Lemon Juice
Cucumber Tomato Mint Salad
½ Cup Cucumber, diced
½ Cup Tomato, diced
1 Tbsp Mint, chopped
1 Tbsp Curly Parsley, chopped
1 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
½ Tbsp Lemon Juice
Salt + Pepper

Evil Dave's Succulent Satay with Goat Cheese Polenta

Evil-Daves-Jasper-Succulent-Satay Directions for Skewers
• Cube 4x6 ounce chicken breasts and place on 8 skewers.  
• Grill skewers on all sides then place in oven at 350° for ten minutes.
• Top skewer with mango chutney and cook for 5 more minutes.
• Place skewer on warm polenta and serve.  

Goat Cheese Polenta
1¾ cups corn meal 
5 ounces goat cheese
2 cups water
2 cups milk
1 lime(zest and juice)
3 TBSP minced garlic
1 bunch cilantro (lightly chopped)
3 TBSP honey
Salt and pepper to taste

• In a saucepan on medium heat, sauté onions and garlic, deglace with warm milk and water, slowly adding the corn meal while stirring constantly. Reduce heat, cook for 15 minutes stirring constantly. Stir in cilantro, honey, juice and zest of lime, and goat cheese until melted. Add salt and pepper. Pour mixture into 9x12 pan, level and let cool. Cut into 8 equal portions. 

Mango Curry Chutney
1 red onion sliced
1 TBSP minced garlic
3 TBSP minced ginger
1/4 cup white wine
1 ounce blueberry vodka
1 TBSP curry powder
1/2 TBSP celery salt
1/2 TBSP allspice
1/2 TBSP chili flakes
4 cups sliced mango chunks
1/4 cup orange juice
3 TBSP honey
3 TBSP lemon zest
3 TBSP rice vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste

• Sauté garlic, ginger, and onion, add vodka and white wine and flambé, add dry ingredients and cook over low heat for 5 minutes.  
• Add mango chunks, orange juice, honey, and lemon zest and continue to cook for 5 more minutes.  
• Let cool, stir in rice vinegar. 

Villa Caruso Steakhouse Moussaka


Spiced meat sauce
2 lb lean ground beef
1/2 cup o­­live oil
1/2 cup red onion
1/2 cup green onion
3 cloves garlic
1 bunch fresh parsley
2 teaspoons thyme
2 teaspoons milk
1 teaspoon allspice
2 cups crushed tomatoes
1/2 cup tomato paste
3 large eggplants
5 large green zucchini
7 large white potatoes 

Béchamel Sauce
1/2 cup half & half cream
2 cups 2% milk
2 tablespoons butter
1/2 teaspoon white pepper
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 cup parmesan cheese
1/2 cup white wine
5 eggs

Sauté ground beef and spices together for 15 minutes to make your seasoned meat sauce. Then make béchamel sauce starting with milk, creams and butter over very low heat. Stir continuously, adding eggs last. Remove from heat when medium thickness is achieved. Slice eggplant and zucchini 1/2" thick. Potatoes 1/4" thick. Soak eggplant in water for 10 minutes to remove bitterness. Remove, rinse and dry. Spread zucchini on a bakery sheet, sprinkle with olive oil and salt, bake until slightly golden. In a large baking pan, first layer the potatoes on the bottom and then the eggplant. Add spiced beef and then layer zucchini and then add béchamel sauce on top. Bake in oven at 350 degrees for one hour. Remove and let cool and then serve with Greek salad. Makes 14 portions.

Walter's Restaurant Bison Sirloin with Peach Whiskey Peppercorn Jus


6-7oz Bison Top Sirloin, cleaned and trimmed
500ml DemiGlace (or beef gravy)
60ml Whiskey
60g Peaches (fresh or canned)
3tbsp Green Peppercorns 

• Season bison top sirloin with salt and pepper and set aside.
• In a small sauce pan pour in whiskey and peppercorns and reduce liquid by half.
• Add peaches to reduced whiskey along with demi glace.
• Simmer for 20 minutes and puree using immersion blender until well blended.
• Grill the bison sirloin on high heat until medium rare.
• Allow 4 minutes of resting time before serving sirloin with potato, sauce and vegetable accompaniment.
• Yields 6 portions - shown here with optional grilled scampis.

Cassio’s Italian Restaurant Mussels and Clams

Cassios Mussels and ClamsIngredients
1/2 pound of cleaned PEI Blue mussels
1/2 pound of cleaned baby white clams
1 oz good Italian olive oil
2 teaspoons minced garlic
2oz garlic butter
1oz of minced scallions
1/2 fresh lemon
2oz white wine (not a chardonnay)
4oz tomato passata (tomato basil sauce)
1 plum tomatoes mashed up with juice
Salt / pepper to taste
Pinch of chilis
1 oz butter for finishing
2 garlic crostini
1 lemon wedge


1    Warm a medium skillet over medium high heat, when hot add the olive oil until smoking.
2    Add scallions and garlic (do not burn garlic, do not put on high heat.) As one famous chef said years ago: that's why they have knobs on your stove to keep the heat regulated.
3    Add the mussels and clams, cover and cook until they open.
4    Add the white wine and cook for 1 minute.
5    Add the rest of the ingredients and blend everything together for 2 or 3 minutes.
6    Check sauce to taste for salt and pepper.
7    Add additional butter to finish dish and simmer for 1 more minute.
8    Pour into large serving bowl.
9    Garnish with 2 garlic crostini and lemon wedge and serve immediately with a good bottle of Bertani Due Uve and Enjoy!