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Gondolas in Banff & Lake Louise

Summer view at the top of Lake Louise Summer Sightseeing Lift.

Gondola rides in Banff and Lake Louise are spectacular year-round attractions for visitors to Banff National Park, providing a quick lift to awe-inspiring views of the Canadian Rockies.

Sulphur Mountain Reveals Banff's Beauty

Banff Gondola Sanson Peak

The town of Banff lies in the shadow of Sulphur Mountain, and there is no better way to take in the breathtaking beauty of Banff and the surrounding mountain landscape than from a ride on the Banff Gondola on Sulphur Mountain. Inspired by one of Banff’s most visionary Swiss guides, the first and only bi-cable gondola in Canada was built in 1958 and has been astounding visitors ever since. The safe, glass-enclosed carriages offer spectacular 360-degree views of the magnificent peaks all around the townsite. The eight-minute ride deposits visitors at the observation area where they may choose to stay for lunch at the Summit Restaurant, or a summertime meal at the Panorama Restaurant. The more adventurous may hike up the one-kilometre SummitWalk Boardwalk to Sanson’s Peak, a National Historic Site, or the more strenuous South East Ridge Trail to Sulphur Mountain’s true summit. The Banff Gondola is located 2.5 kilometres from downtown Banff on Hot Springs Road. (403)762-2523.

Ride High in Lake Louise

Lake Louise Gondola bear

The Lake Louise Sightseeing Lift, Gondola & Interpretive Centre offers a unique opportunity to ride the lift to an awe-inspiring viewpoint and the chance to learn why they are the ‘Home of the Grizzly Bear’. All lift and gondola visits begin with a pre-ride Visitor Welcome orientation. The brief presentation will ensure a safe and enjoyable visit, while enlightening guests about the unique surroundings in Banff National Park. Cruise for 14 minutes in an open chair or a fully-enclosed gondola to one of the Banff National Park's greatest views! From the top, at 2,088 metres (6,850 feet), the spectacular scenery is yours to explore at will—there are ambitious hikes to the summit of Mt. Whitehorn for the hardy, or equally lovely short, leisurely strolls for those with more modest exercise goals. Frequent animal sightings, including Grizzly bears, occur almost daily at the Lake Louise Gondola, so make sure to bring your camera! For more information, call (403)522-3555.


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